I regularly use COW-notes for 4 months.

temoignageRolland Fond, dairy farmer in the Les Vosges department
I use it especially to put in place my foot bath and individual treatments for cows’ feet.
When I have a Lameness score exceeding 20%, especially in primiparous cows, I put my cleaning foot bath in place and I follow it with a foot-bath treatment over a period of four days. I realised when I did this that the dirty-foot score was too high, and so I increased the scraping frequency: at the next check it was better! It’s good to see that the measures we put in place have an effect…It also motivates me to undertake works in my building, which is too damp and dark.
I perform the assessment every fortnight for now, I should switch to one assessment per month but it only takes me 20 minutes: it allows me to conduct close monitoring and I can react rapidly.